About Mike and the Customer

cropped-dsc_6028.jpgFresh thinking about the customer

I find labels like customer experience, customer service or customer strategy just get in the way. Mike and the Customer is about doing things right for the customer, in common-sense ways. Label it how you like.

If I succeed, let me know.

And if I fail, let me know even more.

I get bored (and sometimes quite angry) about some of the fluff and nonsense spouted in the name of customer service and customer experience. So sometimes I might write something to start an argument. If you disagree with me, please dive right in.  Few things stimulate fresh thinking more than being challenged. But keep it friendly, if you don’t mind.

Questions? Comments? Contact requests?  I’ll be delighted to hear from you with any thoughts you may have.  Please get in touch through the Contact me page.


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Fresh thinking about the customer

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